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18 Forever is an onlasffdfdfdfddfine social enterprise fashion brand for women. Our social aim is to improve the livelihood of artisans in Africa through fashion design. We aidddm to create an avenue where artisans are empowered and fairly rewarded for their work.

We are a friend to the artisans and we meet their expectations, now this makes us different. This also means that you know "who made your clothes". Once the designs have been decided by the team, the artisans craft what we’ve designed. However, we don’t leave manufacturing completely to the artisans; we are closely working with artisans to make sure that quality is what will be produced and ensure that best practice in the business cycle is achieved.

18 Forever combines socially responsible business principles and excellent design; we bring you the best and most recent designs in African prints. Our core value is to improve the economic status osdf artisans in Africa whilst meeting your fashion needs and generally all that you will need to be that stylish, trendy and socially responsible fashionista.

We are the first African Inspired Fashion brand to name products after cities in Africa.

18 Forever is winner of UnLtd Try It Award and nominee for Diva Brand of the Year at Divas of Colour 2017.

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