Welcome to Cheza Toys, Inc an African-featured toy company proudly and lovingly conceived to disrupt playtime. We thank you in advance for coming by. We hope to engage you in our illustration of African’s narrative as executed through our beautifully heartfelt products. 

We created this company with you in mind. Be disrupted and inspired through learnings and fun.

The name of the doll’s clothing brand is actually Ntaadeɛ.

The story: 

Our beautiful and vibrant clothing line lovingly named Ntaadeɛ (pronounced N-ta.die), simply means ‘clothing’ in Twi. Each atadeɛ, pronounced (a-taa-die) which is Twi for ‘dress’, is handmade in Ghana using authentic Ghanaian fabrics. Prices range between $20.00 – $22.00. Pick up a couple and you too will disrupt playtime with your doll’s fierce Ghanaian look that embodies Africa’s vibrance and elegance. They even have little fancy designer brand labels and fit all fashion dolls of the world.

And our doll is named Kukua,

Cheza introduces Kukua

Kukua is pronounced as Kuw-KUW-HHaa

Kukua is Ghanaian for born on Wednesday and is most often used for a girl. We have dedicated our flagship product to Ghana, also born into its independence on March 6 1957, a Wednesday.

“Look! You’re learning already”.

At Cheza, our goal is to make and market the most loved and talked about black fashion dolls of all time. She’s black, she’s beautiful and she’s your new friend.





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