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Products Description

Product name

140g Natural Organic Skin Lightening Handmade Bath Soap Skin Whitening Kojic Original Acid Soap For Skin Care

Main function

Remove Dirt, Whitening, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Anti-acne, Pore cleansing, etc.

Supplier Type

Manufacture direct sale


1 Piece in stock for RTS, 100 Pieces for private Label


Wholesale/Drop Shipping

OEM/ODM, Private Label, LOGO, Packaging customization

Purchase of raw materials, Transportation solutions

Delivery Time

3 to 7 days by air, 25 to 45 days by sea, Land Carriage 10-15 days

Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Alibaba Trade Assurance

Advantages For Kojic Acid Soap:

1.Kojic acid is an excellent whitening and whitening ingredient. After decades of research and application, kojic acid is a tried
and tested classic ingredient.

2. "Kojic acid" can rob copper ion with tyrosinase, make tyrosinase loses activity, block the generation of melanin, achieve the
purpose of whitening, light spot.

3. Rice fermentation process of the product, the main role is to inhibit tyrosinase synthesis, thereby inhibiting the production
of melanin, in addition to the benzene catechol, its whitening effect is the best.

Introduction For Kojic Acid Soap:

After years of comparative studies, as well as a large number of consumers' actual experience, it is recognized that "kojic acid"
has excellent whitening and whitening effect.By the majority of consumers love.

Kojic acid has its own research institutions found that "kojic acid" has a good whitening effect, can fade spots.After this
application was discovered, "kojic acid" began to be used as a skin whitening agent, widely used in whitening and spot lightening

Introduction For Kojic Acid Soap:

"Kojic acid" and "fruity acid" whitening mechanism is completely different, will not exfoliate keratin cells, will not make the
cuticle thin. Bathing will nourish the skin to absorb ingredients.

This soap contains a variety of natural active ingredients, which can bring deep cleansing and moisturizing to the skin and
restore the healthy and original luster to the skin.

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