What is a featured seller?

Feature sellers on Boutique Africaine are a select group of sellers from different categories that are featured on the homepage top banner of the marketplace. Becoming featured is a great opportunity to sell more and faster, but remember that not being featured on the Homepage page doesn't mean you can't grow your shop. You'll still be seen just by opening a shop on the marketplace, and we know loads of sellers with big followings and regular sales that are not being featured.

What am I required to do as a featured seller?

Featured sellers are required to

Have good quality images and accurate description of their items.

Have the displayed products in stock

Have a valid returns and exchange policy in place

Be able to deliver the product within 10-12 business days to the customer

How do I become a featured seller?

There are two ways of becoming a feature seller.

By Selection

Our team peruses the marketplace on a regular basis looking for stores that are feature worthy. We look at the quality of your pictures, product descriptions, your prices and ability to ship in a timely manner among other criterias. When you’re selected, we send you a note advising that you’ve been selected and asking for a very large image that can be used as a banner on our homepage. We take care of the rest (graphic design, placement and promo text)

By Paid Advertisement

You can become a featured seller by asking our team for an ad placement on the homepage for a fee. This is a great opportunity to augment your chances of being seen and increase your sales.

What is the cost?

$100 for a month

How do I reach out to your team?

Message[at]boutiqueafricaine.com // Subject: Featured Seller Request

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