Joining and opening a shop on Boutique Africaine Marketplace is based on the plan that you choose.

We offer the Starter,Pro and Complete plans and prices vary from $0USD (FREE) to $125 per month in addition to a small transaction fee and payment processing fee on each sale

Boutique Africaine Starter - FREE

It costs $0/month to get started and publish your listings on the marketplace. Your listings lasts as long as you want them to and until all your items are sold.

Once an item sells, there is a 15% commission fee (or lower depending on the plan) on the sale price (not including shipping costs).

If you accept payments with PayPal, there is also a payment processing fee based on their fee structure.

Listing fees are billed in USD, so if your bank’s currency is not USD, the amount may differ based on changes in the exchange rate.

Boutique Africaine Plus

With this plan, you can send us your creations and we will store them in our warehouse, once an item sells, we will ship it to the customer on your behalf. This is our fulfillment offer and we guarantee it. You won't need to deal with the hassle of carrying inventory and dealing with shipping related issues..

We take care of shipping to your customers and you get the money

Boutique Africaine Complete

With this plan, we actually work for you while you get paid. Once we receive your products, we make sure that professional pictures are taken, that your products are stored and handled the proper way, we ship and handle orders on your behalf. We take care of it all.

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